Q: Is this site vegan approved?
A: Yes, this site is vegan approved. We are promoting veganism not mocking it. Our site is 100% green and is powered by wind energy. So get your kites ready!

Q: Are you vegan?
A: Yes, for many years.

Q: Who is The Vegan Zombie Crew?
A: Jon is the host and cook of our show. Chris is the creator, editor, director and producer of the ‘The Vegan Zombie’. He also comes up with recipes for the show.

Q: Why zombies?
A: Why not? Horror films are fun and interesting and so are zombies…even the slow ones. We thought it would be interesting to put a vegan twist on the cliche bloodthirsty zombies. We have a script for a short film ”The Vegan Zombie’.

Q: What’s the film going to be about and when can we expect to see it?
A: The film is about a zombie outbreak in which vegans are highly resilient to infection. Infection is transmitted to people when they consume meat and dairy or if they are bitten by a zombie (that’s all we can say for now).

Q: When is the film coming out?
A: We originally planned to have the movie completed by now. Due to our busy schedule we have not completed the movie by our expected deadline. We will update when we know more details.

Q: Who will be in this movie?
A: Friends , volunteers, local actors. We will need actors, extras, sound experts, and make-up artists. If you reside in or around the Syracuse, NY area and would like to help out with this project, please contact me via E-mail under the contact us link.

Q: What other things can we expect to see on this site in the near future?
A: We have a series of cooking webisodes and adventures that are set in a post zombie apocalypse. Our host, Jon, a vegan survivor and cook, shows you how to make delicious vegan meals while giving you tips and tricks to stay safe from wandering zombies. You can view our videos on this site or subscribe to our youtube channel to see our latest episodes. Go ahead and subscribe…we know you want to! youtube.com/zombiegate