Vegan Egg Trick Muffin – The Vegan Zombie at Strong Hearts Cafe

Looks like a zombie at this video! Please try again later.

Here, Jon visits the Strong Hearts Cafe safe haven and learns how to make the breakfast “egg” trick muffin.

Strong Hearts Cafe
719 E Genesee St
Syracuse, NY

2 Responses

  1. Egg Trick Muffin | himmeand123 Says:

    […] have to try this tasty little Sunday morning splurge! Head over to “The Vegan Zombie” and eat your heart […]

  2. Fawn Says:

    When the school announced that the reward for students that reached their reading goal was going to be sausage biscuits from McDonalds, I almost had a stroke. My kids don’t eat that crap. They love these though, so I will be bringing them fresh, hot and yummy Egg Trick Muffins as their rewards.

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